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North San Diego Property Management is nothing short of AMAZING! I can honestly say it was a blessing having Andy McMullen managing my property. I have been serving in the military for 13 years and have had numerous property managers due to frequent deployments and various assignments. Andy & his management company by far is the BEST! Andy is genuine, smart, patient, caring and professional. He looks after your property like his own and takes the time to ensure you are getting quality tenants that will do the same. Andy takes the time to meet with you in person or over Skype regardless of your circumstances. In my case, I am clear across the country in Florida and never had an issue communicating with Andy about the status of my property. He is OUTSTANDING with answering the phone or returning your emails, calls and text in a timely manner. Andy is reliable and dependable! Trust me, Andy is the guy you want managing your property. Specifically, I highly recommend to my fellow military active duty and veteran brothers and sisters who have to do frequent moves and need someone to trust with your largest investment, trust Andy McMullen & North San Diego Property Management! If anyone has questions please feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to assist.

-Steven S

I inherited a condo in Oceanside a few years back. I travel a lot. I rented it out thinking to myself “how hard could this be?”. Long story short I soon learned, at least in my case, that being a landlord was going to take more time than I had to give. Thats when I turned to Google looking for a property manager to take over for me. I was lucky enough to stumble across North San Diego Property Management. I called them, they met me over at my property, we walked the property, they took a bunch of pictures, we got to know each other, and we discussed how we should proceed. They have exceeded my expectations. They do what they say and they say what they do. Two of the most trustworthy guys you’ll ever meet. They keep my place looking good, they keep my tenant happy, and most importantly they keep me happy. I would recommend them and the services they provide to anyone in a heartbeat.

-Rich S

North San Diego Property Management has exceeded my expectations. They always keep me in the loop, their pricing is fair and simple, and the way they run their business is top notch; from their organized manner to their communication, I love how these guys do business! I sleep well at night knowing my property is in good hands. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for property management in North San Diego County.

-Robert Price

I wanted to drop you guys a quick note letting you know how much I appreciate your efforts; it does not go unnoticed! As you know my previous experience with entrusting my property to another did not go so well. You guys certainly are a breath of fresh air. Don’t change a thing. You’ve got my vote. Have a great weekend – you’ve earned it!

-Emma Wilson

I have a couple of properties in North County. [NSDPM] have made my life so much easier managing them. I’ve had other property management companies that are far more complicated and don’t treat my tenants with respect. They take care of both sides of my business.

-Scott M

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