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Property Management Done Right.

“If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favorable to him” – Seneca

Through decades of experience, we’ve learned this…keep it simple.

NSDPM was born out of frustration with managers handling our properties who wouldn’t do that. Smart managers and their state of the art features are meaningless if “simple” can’t be executed well. We’ve constructed a company anchored by quick call backs and thorough communication. Reductive? Maybe. But we encourage you to contact any one of our clients and ask them what they think we do well. Quick call backs and thorough communication get a lot done.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”. -Coach John Wooden

Do the work. Simple maybe, but not simplistic.

Terms like “lease continuance”, “minimizing obsolescence” and “improving client’s property value” are often bandied about during a management contract signing, but doing the work and executing the fundamentals year round requires a different kind of focus.

“Measure twice, cut once” – Your Dad and his Dad’s Dad

We spend a little more time qualifying the tenant you deserve. We spend a little more time formalizing your APOD and marketing strategy. We spend a little more time thanking our vendors and ensuring your tenants are happy.

If a tenant vacates before its lease expires, NSDPM will replace the tenant free of charge. A deal? Not really. Just simple. If we recommend a tenant that needs to be removed, that should be our problem, not yours.

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