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How to Handle Utilities as a Landlord

utilitiesIf you were like me as a landlord starting out, you are buying older properties.  Probably multifamily rentals, if you can afford it.  Often older properties are not set up for multiple families, even though they are being used for that purpose.  There are single meters in a multifamily property.  Even large properties have single water meters.  You probably wonder how to handle utilities as a landlord.w4

Here is how to handle utilities as a landlord for your properties, multifamily or single family. (more…)

Common Tenant Issues and How to Handle Them

AIRAs a landlord, you want the best tenants for your properties: people who pay rent on time every month, won’t give your property a bad reputation in the surrounding community, and are clean and courteous neighbors. Being a good landlord means listening to your tenants’ complaints and concerns and responding to common tenant issues appropriately. At times, knowing the right way to respond to an issue can be tough. Read on for advice for some of the most common issues landlords face with tenants. (more…)

The Importance of Renters Insurance

Are you covered?Your renters pay good money to rent an apartment – so the thought of spending extra for renters insurance may be off-putting. Unfortunately, your property insurance probably doesn’t cover the belongings of your tenants. Find out why it’s worth encouraging your renters to enroll in renters insurance to protect their personal property. (more…)

Month-to-Month vs. Annual Lease: Which Protects Landlords?

for rent signWhen renting out property, many landlords want to lock in a new tenant as soon as possible, and they want to lock them in for as long as possible. It makes sense — until you begin to look at all of the commitments that you are making and how little of a commitment the tenant is making.


How to Hold Rental Property

for rent signOne of the most asked questions I asked of me, or I see on other forums, is how to hold rental property.  Should it be an LLC, S-Corp, sole proprietorship, etc.  I cannot speak to all the benefits of each method, but I can speak to what I have done with my properties.  You may want to consult an expert (i.e. not me) to determine what is best for yourself.

Here is the way I hold rental property, and the reasons behind it. (more…)

How to Provide Rental Property Appliances (No good deed goes unpunished)

Owning a rental kitchenproperty requires that you cover all your bases, and keep your tenants in the know. In doing so, one must cover all the bases and legalities in the rental agreement, ensuring that both you and the tenant are on the same page. And one thing is to be sure: never underestimate the amount of headaches you can have with rental property appliances…


Showings and Open Houses

open houseOpening your home to strangers may feel, well, strange. People will be poking around your sanctuary, looking in your cabinets and checking out your closets. And they’ll be judging the place you’ve called home. (more…)

Disclose! Disclose! Disclose!

disclosure signThis is an article that discusses what to disclose. You want to disclose everything up front, to avoid issues over something you knew about before selling. If a buyer buys the home, knowing everything up front, they can’t come back on you later.


Staging Your Home To Sell

staged homeIf the word “staging” conjures up the idea that you’re putting on a show for prospective buyers, you’re on the right track. In a well-staged home, you’re putting the home in the spotlight and inviting buyers to imagine themselves taking a starring role. To do that, you need to step into the shadows behind the scenes and give buyers room to imagine themselves taking the lead as homeowner. Here are some tips to set a scene that will leave the critics, or at least the homebuyers, raving. (more…)

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