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What Do I Need to Do to Find Good Tenants for My Carlsbad Rental Property?

Managing multifamily and commercial properties in the North County area, including in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, and Solana Beach, North San Diego Property Management has developed both a strategic marketing plan to attract tenants to your property and a thorough screening process to ensure only the best tenants are placed.

When you’re looking for good tenants, you want to find renters who will pay rent on time, take care of the property, and faithfully follow the terms of the lease. We have some ideas on how to find those ideal tenants.

Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

You’ll need to market your property effectively and aggressively. Be strategic with the people you want to reach. Make sure your listing is in all the places that good tenants are looking for properties. This is overwhelmingly online in today’s market. Take some professional pictures, write a great and detailed description that includes pertinent information like price, property size, and rental terms, and post that listing on all the sites people are using.

There’s still a place for yard signs and word of mouth. While most people are finding their next rental property online, a good sign will get the attention of people in the neighborhood and prospective tenants who might be walking or driving by. We also use our large and diverse real estate contacts to generate interest in your rental property. Make sure everyone in your network knows you have a property for rent.

Showings and Open Houses

Make sure the property is rent-ready before you invite people to see it. Good tenants will want to imagine themselves moving in right away. Be sure it’s clean, and remove any debris or things that belonged to former tenants. Create an inviting and welcoming space with the right lighting and appealing smells. You can schedule private showings with tenants and offer times for open houses, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet several potential tenants. Open houses are useful because it creates a bit of a buzz and leaves prospective tenants feeling like there is some competition for your property. They’ll feel a larger sense of urgency to fill out an application and begin the rental process.

Applications and Screenings

Applications and ScreeningsMake sure applications are available to prospective tenants. Most renters will want an online application these days. Make it easy for them to provide all of the necessary information, including the supporting documents you’ll need to effectively screen the applications. Start your screening process with a criminal background check and an eviction check – At North San Diego Property Management, we go above and beyond by performing these checks nationwide. Then, look at income and verify that your prospective tenants will earn enough to cover your rent. Talk to former landlords and find out if they were good tenants. Once you have approved an application, let the tenants know and collect a deposit immediately. The best tenants will be ready to move in and able to come up with all the move-in funds.

To find good tenants, you need to market your property well, provide an outstanding place for them to be, and screen fairly and consistently. If you have any questions about our process or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us at North San Diego Property Management.

Posted by: Kyle Scritchfield on May 17, 2019
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