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Top Questions Military Families Should Ask Property Management Companies in Carlsbad, CA


Top Questions Military Families Should Ask Property Management Companies










Members of the military aren’t that different from other rental property owners. However, they do have some unique requirements and specific needs. At North San Diego Property Management, we manage multifamily, residential and commercial properties in the North County area, including in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, and Solano Beach. Many of our clients are in the military, and today we’re sharing some of the questions that military families need to ask before hiring a property manager.

Technology and Communication

Technology is important for any owner or investor, but for members of the military who are out of state or even out of the country, it’s especially critical. You’ll need to know you have access to your account and your online portal 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You may be in a different time zone, so having access and being able to communicate is important. Make sure you work with a property manager that has online capabilities in everything, from collecting rent and documenting maintenance requests to the direct deposit of owner funds and uploading inspection photos.

At NSDPM, we use Appfolio, a leading software provider in the property management industry. It’s imperative that you work with a management company that uses online reporting systems and sophisticated management software. Appfolio allows us to deliver the transparency we feel is necessary to maintain lasting relationships with our clients. We believe it’s the best system for providing our clients with timely communication, accurate and detailed reports, and most important – peace of mind.

Maintaining a Local Presence

When you receive change of station or deployment orders out of San Diego, you’ll need a property manager who is close enough to your property in the event of emergency. Ask your property manager to drive by it once in a while just to keep an eye on things. We typically administer a quarterly drive-by inspection and a comprehensive yearly inspection. Having someone who knows the local market means you don’t have to keep up with new local laws or changes in the rental landscape; your management company will do that for you.

Developing Trust and Providing Transparency

If you’re in the military or part of a military family and you want to hold onto your asset when you get orders to move, contact us at North San Diego Property Management. We can help you.




Posted by: Kyle Scritchfield on November 9, 2018
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